Freitag, 14. Januar 2005

Parkuhr [00000771]

Fuer alle die sich einbilden englisch zukoennen aber nie die Kuerzel ihrer Kollegen verstehen.

figmo - fuck it, got my orders

fubab - fucked up beyond all belief

fubar - fucked up beyond all recognition/repair

fumtu - fucked up more than usual

snafu - situation normal, all fucked up

tarfu - things are really fucked up

janfu - joint army-navy fuckup.

gfu - general fuck-up

samfu - self-adjusting military fuck-up

sapfu - surpassing all previous fuck-ups

susfu - situation unchanged, still fucked-up

WOFTAM - Waste Of Fucking Time And Money

RTFM - Read the Fucking Manual

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